at 00:45 Beijing time on October 21, Barcelona played Dynamo Kiev at home in the third round of the Champions League group match. In the first half, derst's header was high, Luc de Jong's push shot was saved, and Alba assisted pique to score. In the second half, Fati's back hook missed. Finally, Barcelona 1-0 Dynamo Kiev.

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Key event

the 35th minute, Alba's left oblique pass, pike push and break the door! Barcelona 1-0!

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in the second minute, Alba's left cross was hit, and derst header from close range was higher than the goal.

in the 18th minute, depe kicked a free kick and Luc de Jong headed the top of the goal.

in the 20th minute, depe passed the ball and Luc de Jong pushed it, which was saved by the goalkeeper with one hand.

in the 35th minute, derst hit the door behind him and was saved by the goalkeeper.

in the 54th minute, Fati steals in the front court, depe falls to the ground and crosses, and Fati strays away from the goalkeeper.

technical statistics

player score

player list

Barcelona starts: 1-telstegen, 2-dester, 3-pike, 5-busquets, 9-depe (74% 26#39; 19 Aguero), 15-langley, 17-luc de Jong (46% 26#39; 10 Fati), 18-alba, 21-frankie de Jong, 22-mingosa (46% 26#39; 14-coutinho), 30-garvey (68% 26#39; 20 Sergi Roberto)

not on the bench: 6-puic, 11 demir, 13 netto, 23 umtiti, 26 iniyaki penia, 28 Nico, 31 bard

Dynamo Kiev starting: 1-bushchang, 5-hidolchuk, 10-shapalenko, 14-depena (60% 26#39; 22 vitinho), 15-zygankov (84% 26#39; 20-kalawayev) , 16 makolenko, 25 zabalni, 29 bayaski (84% 26#39; 9 Eric Ramirez), 34 Sirota, 89 supriyaha (60% 26#39; 19 garmarsh), 94 kenziola (77% 26#39; 24 timchik)

No substitutes: 71 Boyko, 7 welbic, 8 Shepelev, 13 shabanov, 17 Lednev, 18 andrevsky, 73 shkulin

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