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original title: international observation: \ U.S. Secretary of state brin will certainly visit France from October 4 to 6. An important task of this visit is to repair the U.S. - French relations damaged by the U.S. - British Australian nuclear submarine cooperation and the termination of the French Australian submarine contract.

analysts believe that France and the United States have differences in diplomatic ideas and economic interests, and there have been many disagreements in the past. In recent years, Washington has pursued \ 9月14日,美国国务卿布林肯在华盛顿出席国会听证会。(新华社发,Pool图片,德鲁·安格雷尔摄) On September 14, US Secretary of state Abraham Lincoln attended a congressional hearing in Washington. (issued by Xinhua news agency, photo of pool, taken by drew Angell)

repeatedly has political differences

According to a report on the website of the Wall Street Journal, Karen downfried, assistant secretary of state for European affairs of the United States, said that Lincoln's visit to Paris would focus on strengthening US France relations and US European relations. She said that repairing US France relations \ The United States, Britain and Australia announced the establishment of a new trilateral security partnership on September 15. The United States and Britain will support the Australian Navy to establish a nuclear submarine force, and Australia will cooperate with the United States and Britain to build nuclear submarines in Australia. The tens of billions of dollars submarine order signed by Australia and France was torn up. This led to a crisis in French US relations, and the French ambassador to the United States was once recalled.

analysts pointed out that this is not the first time that US relations have suffered a heavy blow. Since World War II, France has adhered to an independent foreign policy and is unwilling to follow the lead of the United States in many major international events. Political differences between the two sides occur from time to time, and bilateral relations have repeatedly fallen to lows.

in the 1960s, the United States fell into the quagmire of the Vietnam War and hoped that France would help. De Gaulle, then president of France, ignored the repeated requests of the United States and refused to participate in the war. Instead, he warned the United States that \

in 2003, the coalition forces dominated by British and American troops launched the Iraq war, and then French President Jacques Chirac stood in the forefront of the anti war camp. Before the war, Chirac made it clear that France would exercise its veto in the United Nations Security Council. Chirac's firm anti war stance led to the trough of France US relations for many years.

since taking office, current French President macron has sought \ On June 24, French President macron addressed the media at the EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. (issued by Xinhua news agency and provided by EU)

often fights for profit

although France and the United States share \

in April 2013, Frederick pieruzi, an executive of Alstom in France, was arrested by the United States. The U.S. Department of justice sued pierozi on suspicion of commercial bribery and imposed a huge fine of $772 million on Alstom. Under great pressure from the United States, Alstom finally sold its power business to its main competitor, general electric company.

in 2014, the United States accused BNP Paribas of transferring funds for countries sanctioned by the United States, forcing the bank to pay a fine of nearly $9 billion. More than a dozen executives of the bank were also forced to leave.

In recent years, France and the United States have been grappling with each other in areas such as digital tax. In 2019, France proposed to levy a digital tax on Internet giants operating in France, which damaged the interests of American Internet enterprises as the main goal of the policy. The United States then imposed tariffs on EU goods exported to the United States worth about $7.5 billion, covering not only Airbus aircraft, but also a variety of European agricultural products such as French wine, affecting about 500000 wine employees in France.

Christina bier, a researcher at Schiller Institute, a French think tank, said in an interview with Xinhua that American bullying has never spared its allies and is not limited to the political field. The practice of the United States to coerce allies and other countries to comply in order to safeguard its own interests is becoming more and more open, crude and unpopular.

deep contradiction is difficult to solve

the submarine incident can be described as adding \ 图为2020年7月7日在法国巴黎拍摄的法国外长勒德里昂的资料照片。(新华社发,奥雷利安·莫里萨尔摄) the picture shows the information photo of French Foreign Minister ledrion taken in Paris, France on July 7, 2020. (issued by Xinhua news agency, photographed by aurelian morisal)

analysts believe that the deep-seated contradictions between France and the United States and between Europe and the United States in geopolitics and strategic interests are difficult to eliminate, which may pave the way for the recurrence of similar events in the future.

Annique sizer, a researcher at the University of new Sorbonne in France, believes that Paris will no longer \

in addition, the submarine incident once again triggered a fierce collision between \ In an interview with Xinhua news agency, mu gengyuan, an assistant researcher at the China Academy of international studies, pointed out that France will assume the rotating presidency of the EU in the first half of next year. The submarine incident showed European countries the necessity of realizing strategic autonomy, which will undoubtedly urge France to lead the EU to vigorously promote this process.

source: Xu Yongchun / Xinhua News Agency

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