Germany and Japan were the boss and second in the axis group during World War II. One was the main force in the European battlefield and the other was the protagonist in the Asian war. Although people always compare Germany with Japan, Japan seems to be on an equal footing with Germany. But in fact, Germany is much stronger than Japan. Germany far exceeds Japan in industry, science and technology and national strength. Japan's only advantage is the Navy. The Japanese Navy is much stronger than the German Navy. So Germany is so powerful, why can't the Navy compare with Japan?

first, Germany is a continental country, focusing on Eurasia, giving priority to the development of the army, which is a common problem of continental countries, as are the Soviet Union (Russia) and China. Japan is a maritime country, similar to Britain. Its focus is on the sea and gives priority to the development of the Navy. Therefore, the navy is strong and the army is weak, which is determined by the specific national conditions and strategic needs of the two countries. Big countries generally choose an army or navy according to their own conditions and needs, with the only exception being France. France, regardless of primary and secondary, went hand in hand, sea and land together. As a result, the high did not become the low. The sea could not do Britain, and the land could not do Germany. It was so high that it was abused by Britain and Germany in turn.

second, the navy is a very complex synthetic arms, which requires the accumulation of technology and time. The cycle of ship building and personnel training is very long, which is known as the \



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