Zhongxin Jingwei, November 17 (Xinhua) the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas recently issued the guiding opinions on expanding multiple functions of agriculture and promoting the high-quality development of rural industries, which mentioned the development of live broadcasting sales, agricultural help direct broadcasting rooms, mobile vegetable baskets, etc., and the cultivation of farmers' live broadcasting salespeople.

the guidance points out that we should expand and strengthen the processing industry of agricultural products (000061, Guba). Give full play to the central role of the county agricultural products processing industry in the vertical connection of production, processing and marketing, create a whole agricultural industry chain with strong innovation ability, complete industrial chain, sufficient green background, safety and control, and linking agriculture with agriculture, promote the postponement of the first industry, the two ends of the second industry and the high-end of the third industry, guide the focus of agricultural products processing to sink into the county, central town and logistics nodes, and promote production, processing Products and markets, enterprises and farmers develop together to realize diversified development, multi-level utilization and multi link value-added of agricultural products.

the guidance points out that we should refine and optimize the rural leisure tourism industry. Give full play to the role of rural leisure tourism as the connecting point in the horizontal integration of agriculture, culture and tourism, take farmers and rural collective economic organizations as the main body, cooperate with large agricultural enterprises, cultural and tourism enterprises and other business entities, vigorously promote \



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