Young people's preferred electric smart SUV... I recommend it!

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coincides with the National Day holiday. Finally, you can test drive and experience the new Xiaopeng g3i in front of you. I think it is an electric intelligent SUV worth buying by young people at present. Why do you say so? Compared with the old G3, the appearance change of Xiaopeng g3i is very obvious.

first of all, the g3i adds a younger body color, which is very young and cool. The roof also adopts a contrast color design. Although I test drive Nebula white, I prefer azure green. The first feeling I see is very fresh. And the official will also provide 50 film color modification schemes. You can definitely customize a personalized trend, belonging to your own g3i.

then, Xiaopeng adopted the same headlight design as P7 P5 on g3i, that is, Xiaopeng x robot face family design language, which will look more sci-fi and better!

look at the side. G3i has newly upgraded the hidden door handle to make the whole side shape more smooth and beautiful. When it is close to unlocking, the door handle will also unfold automatically. Is it very ceremonial?

the standard wheel hub is 17 inches. You can also choose a new 18 inch wheel hub with Michelin 215 / 50r18 tires. The appearance becomes higher again. The optional price is 3000 yuan.

there is another obvious change in the appearance. The new g3i cancels the camera with the roof raised. Do you like this appearance design as a young man? The full score is 10 points. How many points will you give?

enter the car. The biggest highlight of the interior can be matched with the sea level line color matching interior. I like the color contrast between white and blue very much. It looks young and trendy. There is also this 15.6-inch large central control screen. In fact, the biggest upgrade is that the processor of the central control has been replaced by the previous Texas Instruments J6 with the Xiaolong 820a, Therefore, the response speed of the large central control screen has become faster and smoother.

the newly upgraded central control also supports the full scene voice function. This function is very cool. It can support more intelligent voice recognition, continuous voice, dual zone recognition and so on. For example, we can tell it what the weather is like today, and then say what the weather is like tomorrow. G3i can continuously identify it. You can also use a series of continuous voice to control the vehicle.

I think voice interaction must be a very important function in the future car use scenarios. This time, Xiaopeng released the xmart OS 2.0 vehicle intelligent system to g3i, which should be a great experience for young buyers.

another more intimate change is that g3i adds the rear seat heating function. Although it is less used in the southern market, it will be more practical in the north.

in terms of technology configuration, Xiaopeng g3i has added external discharge function, which is very suitable for Peng friends who like to go out for a picnic. They can also cook with electricity, boil water or eat a hot pot outdoors.

in terms of assisted driving, Xiaopeng g3i is equipped with xpilot 2.5 assisted driving system, which is an L2 level assisted driving system. With the help of 5 high-definition cameras, 3 millimeter wave radars and 12 ultrasonic radars, it can support acc adaptive cruise, LCC lane centering assist system and ATC adaptive corner cruise, ALC automatic lane change assistance, etc. Including the automatic parking system, which was highly praised on the G3, g3i also supports it.

many young people like the function of intelligent lantern language very much. This time, it has been decentralized. I think the function of Lantern language has a sense of ceremony to express to their loved ones on some specific festivals.

as for the endurance issues of great concern, g3i provides two endurance versions of NEDC 460km and NEDC 520km. In autumn, most of me drive in standard mode. Through the search and calculation of energy consumption data on the central control screen, the actual mileage of the car can be maintained at about 500 km under full power. Even in winter, I believe its endurance will not have much deviation.

another young man pays more attention to the space in the car. As a compact SUV, I feel relatively loose when sitting in the main driver's seat with a height of 170cm. There are two punches on the top of my head from the roof. Sitting in the rear row, there are more than one and a half punches in the knee space and overhead space. The rear seats are made of soft materials, It's quite comfortable to sit on.

The electric tailgate is standard equipped with electric tailgate, and the luggage compartment space is also very large. Under the partition of the trunk, there is a huge sinking storage space, and it is very easy to put on the 20 inch trunk.

as an electric intelligent SUV positioned within 200000 young people, its price is 149800-185800 yuan. With such a price, high cost performance, young and fashionable appearance, various scientific and technological configurations, more intelligent auxiliary driving and good endurance, Xiaopeng g3i is very worthy of being recommended to young people to buy an electric intelligent SUV. If you like, you can book it now and pick up the new car years ago!

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