97.4 billion funds compete for 20 shares: 15 shares of main funds (list)

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on November 19, the three indexes opened up and down. After the opening, the red market fluctuated, the yellow and white line differentiation intensified, and the performance of small cap stocks was strong. In terms of plates, the concept of meta universe rose again, and the express stocks strengthened collectively. In the afternoon, the two cities soared, the three indexes rose by more than 1% successively, and the northward capital continued to flow into more than 12 billion yuan, and the turnover of the two cities broke another trillion. In terms of the plate, the automobile plate performed strongly, the photovoltaic plate strengthened, the change of brokerage stocks pulled up, and the real estate plate warmed up. Overall, market sentiment has warmed up, individual stocks rose more and fell less, and the profit-making effect is better. As of the close, the stock index rose 1.13% to 3560.37 points, with a turnover of 440.6 billion yuan; The Shenzhen Composite Index rose 1.19% to 14752.49 points, with a turnover of 672.6 billion yuan; The record index rose 1.04% to 3418.96 points, with a turnover of 272 billion yuan.

statistics show that the stock turnover of the top 20 exceeds 97.4 billion yuan. According to the capital flow chart of sina finance leve2, 15 of the 20 stocks show major capital inflows, of which the net inflow of Meijin energy exceeds 1 billion yuan; The net inflow of Guizhou Maotai and Longji shares exceeded 700 million yuan; The net inflow of the main forces of JAC and Ningde times exceeded 600 million yuan; The net inflow of Huayou cobalt, Lixun precision, Dongfang Risheng and Wuliangye exceeded 300 million yuan; The net inflow of goer shares, Dongfang fortune, Tianqi lithium and Salt Lake shares exceeded 100 million yuan; The net inflow of BYD and Aikang technology is less than 100 million yuan.

another 5 stocks showed net outflow of main funds, of which the net outflow of main funds of Ganfeng lithium industry exceeded 600 million yuan; The net outflow of Tibet's mining industry, jiangte electric machinery and North rare earth exceeded 100 million yuan; The net outflow from Tibet's Everest is less than 100 million yuan.

On November 19, the turnover of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets was the top 20 ranking code name Fluctuation range present price Turnover Net main force Proportion of main force one sh601012 Longji shares two point four two ninety-one point eight nine seven hundred and ninety-three thousand four hundred and seventy-six 718 million yuan 9.07% two sz002466 Tianqi lithium zero point two two one hundred and nine seven hundred and seventy-two thousand and ninety 149 million yuan 1.97% three sz002241 Goer shares five point seven seven fifty-two point seven eight five hundred and ninety-two thousand three hundred and seventy-three 288 million yuan 4.93% four sh600519 Moutai, Guizhou two point zero three one thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight point four one five hundred and sixty-nine thousand nine hundred and eighty-eight 726 million yuan 12.78% five sz000762 Tibet Mining three point eight nine fifty-six point three five five hundred and forty-two thousand and twelve -RMB 135 million -2.54% six sz300750 Ningde Era two point zero eight six hundred and thirty-nine five hundred and thirty-four thousand three hundred and sixty-one 616 million yuan 11.82% seven sz000858 Wuliangye one point nine one two hundred and twelve point six five hundred and eighteen thousand eight hundred and sixteen RMB 334 million 6.51% eight sz002594 BYD zero point four eight two hundred and ninety-six point eight two five hundred and fourteen thousand four hundred and sixty-six RMB 71.0865 million 1.39% nine sh600338 Tibet everest eight point three four thirty-four point six eight five hundred and four thousand nine hundred and thirty-four -RMB 72.0792 million -1.46% ten sz300059 Eastmoney one point five three thirty-five point two two five hundred and two thousand six hundred and twenty-five 209 million yuan 4.18% eleven sh600111 Northern rare earth -1.58 forty-seven point four nine four hundred and seventy-one thousand four hundred and sixty-one -240 million yuan -5.14% twelve sz002460 Ganfeng lithium industry -2.35 one hundred and fifty-eight point seven four hundred and seventy thousand seven hundred and fifty-six -RMB 661 million -14.25% thirteen sz002475 Lixun precision five point five one forty-three point one four hundred and thirty-two thousand seven hundred and seventy-two 430 million yuan 10.03% fourteen sh603799 Huayou cobalt industry three point six five one hundred and nineteen point two three hundred and eighty thousand three hundred and twenty-five 456 million yuan 12.06% fifteen sz002176 Jiangte motor -1.92 twenty-two point zero two three hundred and seventy-nine thousand one hundred and eighty-six -211 million yuan -5.64% sixteen sz300118 Oriental Sunrise twenty thirty-six three hundred and sixty-seven thousand five hundred and sixty-five 366 million yuan 10.04% seventeen sz000723 Meijin energy ten point zero four twelve point five three hundred and fifty-nine thousand nine hundred and twelve RMB 1.02 billion 28.67% eighteen sh600418 Jac automobile ten point zero three sixteen point four six three hundred and fifty-four thousand four hundred and twenty-two 693 million yuan 19.55% nineteen sz000792 Salt Lake Co., Ltd one point four one twenty-eight point zero nine three hundred and forty-one thousand one hundred and sixteen 137 million yuan 4.07% twenty sz002610 Aikang Technology one point nine four five point seven seven three hundred and thirty-nine thousand one hundred and fifty-one 42.1136 million yuan 1.26% eight ×× Massive information and accurate interpretation are all in Sina Finance app

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