answer 1:

knows a little about RO water purifier. I can't talk about it. Let's talk about the general filter element.

in my other reply, I also mentioned similar questions. I also had a peaceful and friendly discussion with a big man. You can go and have a look.

When selecting products online, it is found that the price of water purifier is not important, and the maintenance cost of filter element in the later stage is the key. The owner of

has this view, which proves that he is an understanding person.

the first thing to buy a water purifier is the demand. The water quality at home is good, there is no large chemical plant around, and the TDS value is not high. You can consider a cheaper ultrafiltration machine. Ultrafiltration does not need to be tangled about whether it is a general filter element, because its market development is more mature. Even the special filter element is not expensive. Most of them can be purchased from a third party, and the filtering effect is not different from that of the original factory.

if the water quality at home is poor, the scale is serious, there is peculiar smell, or even obvious yellowing, the reverse osmosis water purifier must be selected. This is the best water purifier for household filtration at present. The filtration accuracy has reached 0.0001 micron, and the water is basically close to pure water. However, I still suggest boiling and drinking instead of drinking directly. Because a small amount of bacteria will still grow in the outlet pipe and faucet.

as for the selection of reverse osmosis water purifier, just grasp the following points:

1. There is no high-tech content in either reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration water purifier. There is no need to buy too expensive one. About 2000 yuan is enough.

2. The core of the water purifier is the filter element. Selecting a serious brand of general filter element can not only ensure the filtration effect, but also move the cost of later core replacement to tears

3. The most important thing of the reverse osmosis water purifier is the RO membrane. Dow membrane is recognized as the best at present, but the price is also the most expensive, especially the original imported ones. Many domestic brands also bear the name of Dow, In fact, it is only imported Dow raw materials that are reprocessed by itself. There is a gap between the rolling effect and the auxiliary materials used. If you think Dow is too expensive, you can actually buy other brands, such as GE, Haineng, Toray, Shihan, and even domestic Huitong. There is little difference in desalination rate.

4. Those who have time and energy can study the assembly machine. Various configurations can be arranged for you at about 1000 yuan.

I came into contact with the

assembly machine earlier. I began to assemble it at home 7 or 8 years ago, and I also assembled it for relatives and friends.

my personal suggestion: if it is highly practical, it is best to completely DIY, and each part can be carefully selected; Those with poor hands-on ability can buy those assembled by the merchant on a treasure, but don't buy them without brains. You can't simply buy whichever one has high sales volume. The simplest thing is to confirm the manufacturers of a batch of water and filter elements. It's best to get NSF certification.

The water in the

assembly machine is actually quite deep. Here are some brands that are good at making filter elements:

ro filter elements are most easily bought by Huitong, which is very good and can almost reach the world-class level; Among the other filter elements, the most important one is the post activated carbon filter element, because even if the first three stages are not good, it is only RO membrane suffering. If the post carbon rod filter element is not good, it will be human suffering.

at present, the filtration effect of coconut shell activated carbon is the best. Remember to choose it when you buy it. For brands, Songquan, CCK, Yuanda in Taiwan and GWS in the United States are well-known manufacturers.

the first three filter elements can be bought at will. Don't buy fallen ppcotton is victory. If you don't worry, you can also buy Songquan or sur.

if you buy all DIY, you need to buy brands of waterways and metal connectors, so I won't go into detail. (in fact, you haven't done DIY for many years, and many brands have forgotten, ha ha)

the subject mentioned two brands of universal filter element water purifiers. It seems that you have done a work class.

Yitai is a very famous OEM factory. Although it is also making water purifiers, it is mainly OEM for large brands, including Xiaomi. However, the quality of OEM seems to be poor, and the blockage of waste water valve has been criticized all the time.

Shihan is a serious brand machine. It can independently produce RO membrane, which can not be achieved by major domestic brands. At present, there are their exclusive stores on the dogeast line, with one bucket machine and one non bucket machine, both of which are 10 inch general-purpose filter elements, which are very conscientious. I suggest buying a bucket machine is the most cost-effective.

75g or 100g bucket machine is the most cost-effective one in my opinion. Although it doesn't sound in line with the development trend, I always firmly believe it.

first of all, the cost is low. Both the price of the whole machine and the core replacement price in the future are much lower than that of the large flux bucket less machine.

secondly, the water outlet is stable and the pressure is sufficient. The flow rate is equivalent to about 800g without barrel. Five people don't drink water anymore.

will the TDS value of the first glass of water be too high.

and it is very suitable for taking over line machine.

finally, the water supply at home was cut off, so I can deal with an emergency.

the most criticized bucket machine is the problem of secondary pollution. Let me tell you, as long as you use it every day, it's not a week. There's no one at home for more than half a month. You don't have to worry about secondary pollution at all. If you're really worried, you can change the bucket once a year, which is even less than that of a bucket less machine.

in addition to Shihan, I am more optimistic about aisipulin's bucket machine, which is also a 10 inch universal filter element. It is pure imported from the United States. The price of relevant tax bills is not expensive. After various certifications of WQA and NSF, it has the highest sales volume in America and Asia all year round. The key is the original American Dow filter element, because the 75g core change is also very cheap. The RO filter element in the later stage can be bought at his home, and others can be bought from a third party.

[more brand reading]

angel, aisiplin, Midea, Qinyuan, 352, 3M, AO Smith, Jiuyang

[recommended models at various prices]

within 1000 yuan, about 2000 yuan, about 3000 yuan, about 4000 yuan

[more wonderful reading]

do you have a water purifier with general filter element? Please recommend it?

is there a brand water purifier with ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis effluent and universal filter element?

is it better to have no bucket or buckets for the water purifier?

want to buy a RO reverse osmosis water purifier, please recommend one with affordable effect?

answer 2:

when it comes to the cost of filter element, you also mentioned the general filter element in your question. In fact, the cost of general filter element is very low. Even if the PP cotton filter element with good quality may cost less than 10 yuan. When purchasing, you can give priority to

with water related approval. In addition, it is not expensive to use front-grade compressed carbon

. If it is troublesome, you can buy packaged products, The price is also very affordable

if the frequency of replacement is about half a year, it is OK to change the urban tap water. It is not a problem that I haven't changed the tap water I use at home for more than a year. The TDS of the water is reduced from more than 200 to single digits, and the desalination rate can reach more than 95%.

in addition, the brands you mentioned have been doing for a long time. They are reliable brands, but the price is on the high side.

because most of the brands in the early years rely on offline channels, there is a heavy burden of offline agents. On the contrary, some emerging Internet brands have good cost performance.

in addition, you can pay attention to my answer about how to install a DIY water purifier. In fact, it is more affordable to install one yourself, and it can help relatives and friends around you to use it together.

it is expected that one day the water purifier will completely replace the barreled water.



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