The game you want to play at a glance is just this steam transplant work!

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compared with simple pictures or words, the game can produce a sense of interaction through interaction, which makes it easier for players to sink into it and realize empathy.

when you know that every choice you make will affect the outcome of the game character, if you think about it for a long time, you are really involved.

usually due to cost and experience, the game process developed by newcomers will be relatively short, and many commercial works will bring some brush playing methods for long-term operation. However, this talk about Ji Anli's game is contrary to the above two characteristics. It is short and refined, and all kinds of details are quite exquisite.


game is called listening to the painting language: the best scenery. It landed in steam in August and was transplanted to mobile game in late August. The quality of the game is very high and won many awards.

although the partial plot oriented puzzle solving method makes the process only about an hour and a half, many Ji friends must be excited at the sight of the small and fresh painting style of the game.

as a game with \



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