Super dry goods | 11 automobile maintenance knowledge (required Collection)

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many times, you don't have to go to the 4S store frequently for car maintenance. As long as you do regular maintenance, you can maintain the performance of parts and prolong the service life of the car. Today, Xiaobian will give you some dry goods:

11 car maintenance knowledge

/ 01 engine oil /

engine oil

超全干货 | 11条汽车保养知识(必收藏)

Lubricant Manufacturers suggest that the engine oil change cycle is 5000 km or half a year, which has almost become a conventional rule.

but the answer to the actual oil change cycle is very simple. Just look at the maintenance manual delivered by the original vehicle.

if you want to maintain by yourself and the replaced oil is also purchased by yourself, you need to distinguish the replacement cycle according to the type of oil purchased.

the change cycle of different types of engine oil is also different, mainly including the following three types:

full synthetic engine oil change: 10000 km or 1 year;

semi synthetic oil replacement: 7500km or 6 months;

mineral oil change: 5000 km or 3 months.

/ 02 brake oil /

brake fluid

超全干货 | 11条汽车保养知识(必收藏)

brake oil has strong water absorption. Once water penetrates, the water content of brake oil increases, the boiling point decreases, and the performance of brake oil decreases. There are often soft brakes and longer braking distance, which affect driving safety. Therefore, when maintaining the car, we must not ignore the link of brake oil.

/ 03 engine /


超全干货 | 11条汽车保养知识(必收藏)

there are also many impurities in the air, such as catkins, sand, etc. Fine sand particles can easily enter the engine compartment cover. After a long time, the engine will form a thick layer of carbon deposit, corrode the rubber parts in the engine and affect the normal driving of the vehicle. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the engine in time.

after cleaning the engine, apply a layer of maintenance wax to prevent the metal parts in the engine from rusting and the rubber parts from being corroded, which is more conducive to engine maintenance.

/ 04 spark plug /

spark plug

超全干货 | 11条汽车保养知识(必收藏)

spark plug directly affects the acceleration performance and fuel consumption of the engine. When selecting spark plugs, first determine the model and heat level used by the vehicle.

it is easy to judge the maintenance interval of spark plugs. When you feel that the engine power is insufficient when driving, you should check and maintain it once; When you find that the car has problems such as idling jitter, difficult starting or engine performance degradation, you need to replace the spark plug in most cases.

according to different materials, it is generally recommended to replace the ordinary spark plug 30000 km; Platinum spark plug 60000km replacement; Iridium spark plug 80000km replacement.

/ 05 triple filter element /

filter element

超全干货 | 11条汽车保养知识(必收藏)

triple filter element includes oil filter element, air filter element and air conditioning filter element.

engine oil filter element

the engine is equipped with an engine oil filter element in the lubrication system to prevent impurities from mixing into the engine oil and causing oxidation, resulting in colloid and sludge blocking the oil circuit and ensuring the cleanness of the oil circuit. The replacement cycle of the oil filter element is 5000 km, which is replaced at the same time as the oil.

The main function of

air filter element

air filter element is to block the dust and particles inhaled by the engine during air intake. If the filter screen is not cleaned and replaced for a long time, it will not be able to keep the dust and foreign matters out of the door.

if dust is inhaled into the engine, abnormal wear of cylinder wall will be caused. Therefore, it is best to replace the air filter every 10000 km.

air conditioning filter element

the working principle of air conditioning filter element is similar to that of air filter element, which is to ensure that fresh air can be breathed when the automobile air conditioner is turned on.

the filter element of the air conditioner should also be replaced regularly. The simplest identification method is to smell whether the air blown out of the exhaust outlet has peculiar smell when using the air conditioner. If there is peculiar smell or there is a lot of dust in the air blown out, it should be cleaned, maintained and replaced.

/ 06 air conditioning /

air conditioning

超全干货 | 11条汽车保养知识(必收藏)

in addition to the basic inspection mentioned in the previous article, the air conditioning inspection should also be \



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