Highlights of devaxpress WPF v18.2 (II)

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\t Devaxpress v18.2, the second major update of the industry-leading. Net interface control in 2018, was officially released recently. This site will introduce the new version and new functions in the form of serial. This article will introduce the new features of devaexpress WPF v18.2. The new version will be tried for free for 30 days! Click to download% 26gt;% 26gt;

data grid and tree list

new data filter editor (CTP)

\t The new version includes a new filter editor control, which has the following advantages over the previous version:

will display a list of fields containing a search box. You can select a value from the data source as the filter value. The filter editor displays the record count next to each filter value. You can define and use named filters in the filter editor.

\t You can now use the filter editor in the grid or tree list. In future iterations, this control will also run independently and will support other devaexpress controls.

DevExpress WPF v18.2新版亮点(二)

supports custom cell editor

\t The grid and treelist controls now provide an API for keyboard navigation and data validation of non devaexpress editors used in cell templates.

\t The new version also provides two additional templates for grid cells - celldisplaytemplate and celledittemplate. These templates make it easier to define unit displays separately for display / edit mode.

Filtering UI Blocks (CTP)

\t V18.2 introduces filtering UI blocks - independent controls that allow you to filter data in grid and treelist controls. Simply connect the filter element to a supported control and specify the fields to filter:


% 26lt; dxfui:checkedtreelistfilterelement context={Binding FilteringContext, ElementName=grid} fieldname=Date>% 26lt;/ dxfui:checkedtreelistfilterelement>

\t The filter element automatically retrieves available values, formatting options, and other information from the control to which it is connected. Supported filter elements include:

check boxradio listchecked listchecked tree listnamed filters listrangecalendar

DevExpress WPF v18.2新版亮点(二)

row / cell hover highlighting

\t To help improve usability, WPF data grid and tree list controls can highlight rows and cells when the user hovers over them with the cursor. To enable hover highlighting, activate the hythlytimeonhurver option. You can also change the default appearance settings (for example, foreground and background colors) and display custom elements in hovering rows / cells.

enhanced filtering

\t Excel inspired filter dropdown comes with the following new functions:

display record count named filter

next to different values \t The filter panel and the new filter editor now use the 'between days' and' in days' operators to display date filters.

Check Column

\t Columns with Boolean values can now display check boxes in the header to toggle the check status of all rows.

other enhancements

custom cell styles automatically inherit the visual settings of the selected theme. With this version, you do not need to use the basedon property. The printrowindentwidth property allows you to set or remove indents before printing / exporting child rows. The showribbonprintpreview method allows you to replace the print preview dialog box displayed on the toolbar with a ribbon. You can now use the vector based conditional formatting rule icon.

DevExpress WPF v18.2新版亮点(二)


\t Devaexpress v18.2 is newly released. For more wonderful content, please continue to pay attention to devaexpress Chinese website!



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