Morning Post: if you want to wear a crown, you should bear its weight!

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good morning, everyone. Welcome to the morning post on October 21!

was born to kill. Ronaldo, the king of despair, scored a goal to help Manchester United reverse Atlanta

Barcelona announced the renewal of their contract with Fati. Just before the contract renewal, the new No. 10 of Camp Nou wasted a great opportunity in the Champions League. The Spanish striker has a long way to go.

the whole team was in a low state, and pique's goal made Barcelona win the first Champions League victory in the past.

Game summary

[Ronaldo scored to help Manchester United reverse Atlanta 3-2, and Rushford and Maguire made achievements]

[Barcelona's first victory in the group match at Dynamo Kiev 1-0, pique's winning goal, Fati missed a good opportunity]

[four goals in 14 minutes! Bayern 4-0 Benfica, sane's two shots and one pass, and Levin made achievements]

} [Chelsea 4-0 Malmo, Lukaku and Werner retired from injury, ruozhino's double shot]

[Juve won three consecutive 1-0 Zenit group away from home, and kulusevsky won a header]

international news

[official: Newcastle boss Bruce left]

the dismissal of the old coach is the first step of Newcastle tyrants

[official: Barcelona and Fati renew their contract until 2027, and the liquidated damages rise to 1 billion euros]

I hope Barcelona fans will keep

[the soap opera is over! Wanda sun couple's group photo: This is my lover]

reverse reverse and reverse

[official: the 2021 World Club Cup will be held in the United Arab Emirates in early 2022]

From China to Japan and then to the UAE, the dust finally settled.

[foreign media: a 63 year old Belgian Manchester City fan was seriously injured by Bruges fans]

I won't let go

[Simone: after the game, both sides want to greet with pliers, so I didn't say hello to klopper]

[Luo Ti: Messi will win this year's golden ball award, but only because he is Messi]

this year's golden ball award is more difficult to choose than ever. Who do you think will win the championship?

[Spain 6: glitzman cried in the dressing room after being sent off by a red card]

who won't worry?

domestic news

[official: Beijing Guoan Club announces a new logo, which will be used in 2022]

one out of three is the favorite one in the hearts of GUOAN FANS?

[Indian Coach: it's hard for China to win the world cup after spending so much money]

we can't compare

[football Daily: the quota allocation of the Asian Champions League will change, and the Chinese Super League may lose the qualification of the Asian Champions League after 2024]

what else do you have to sigh?

how to choose this course?

{match preview

October 22 (tomorrow)

0:45 European League group match Lazio vs Marseille

0:45 Europa League group match Royal Betis vs Leverkusen

0:45 Europa League group match sebodo Grint vs Rome

0:45 Europa League group match Vettes vs Tottenham

3:00 Europa League group match Prague Sparta vs Lyon

3:00 Europa League group match PSV Eindhoven vs Monaco

3:00 Europa League group match segratz storm vs Royal Society

3: 00 Europa League group stage Naples vs Warsaw Legia

3:00 Europa League group stage Frankfurt vs Olympiacos

3:00 Europa League group stage West Ham vs Hank




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