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2020, black swans are everywhere, the market has been hit hard, and the world economy has ups and downs.

China's equity investment market has developed for nearly 30 years, and the number and market scale of active institutions have increased hundreds of times. Today, the total number of registration institutions is nearly 15000, the total amount of managed capital exceeds 11 trillion, and the types of active institutions are more diverse.

after several ups and downs, in the evolution process of the equity investment market from primary to mature, it is inevitable to face the acceleration of competition and the survival of the fittest. With the more standardized supervision of the capital market and the gradual rationality and maturity of the equity investment industry, the market will accelerate the development to specialization and diversification, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for institutional managers.

in this context, the \

this summit will join hands with leading forces such as well-known scholars and heavy guests in the industry, 80 + VC / PE, master fund investment masters, 100 + government units, 50 + listed companies and 500 investment and enterprise elites to jointly vigorously promote the agglomeration of fund industry and scientific and technological innovation and become an effective \ The

keynote speech session is exclusively shared by big players in the industry, and six topics are set to cover the hot areas concerned by LP / GP. The content is both timely and professional. It will not only analyze the market and lead the frontier, but also bring brainstorming and feasible reference for the development of the industry. 3、 At the

meeting, a series of lists of 2020 annual China Equity Investment Summit will be grandly released, including \

in the past five years, with the expansion of RMB investment group and an important member of investment fund, the market-oriented master fund has become a capital force that can not be ignored. Now, when the funds are chattering and shouting \ Before the emergence of

science and innovation board, the concept of hard science and technology had already appeared, but it was not favored by capital because it was a \

capital market is the \

before the epidemic, people focused more on buying cars, houses and entertainment consumption. Under the normalization of the epidemic, national health has become the main topic. Coupled with the fast pace of life and high work pressure in modern society, the number of sub-health people is increasing day by day. How to grasp the big health industry and investment in the \

if the development of smart enterprises in China nine years ago was like \

in recent years, new consumption has developed rapidly. Especially since the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, new consumption has been playing a prominent role in ensuring the daily life needs of residents and promoting the recovery of domestic consumption. Under the background of accelerating the formation of a new development pattern with the domestic big cycle as the main body and the mutual promotion of domestic and international double cycles, how will new consumption continue to add power to the economic cycle?

on April 21, the above six mysteries will be solved one by one by the big players in the industry!

who's on the high-profile list? Toast and prepare for the Phoenix Nirvana and rebirth!

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